Rajshree Lottery Mumbai

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what is the lottery Rajshree? and how to play online?


Net http://www.rajshreelottery.com/ lottery stalls are multiplied by all parties in a slum filled of people in suburban Kandivli in the city (there are two places in the slums of Kandivli Krantinagar alone) to a position at the Churchgate station – evoking protests from activists who believe that it is the legitimization of gambling. The Mumbai-based Consumer Action Network recently held a press conference, saying he attracting more young people from poorer by the day and to protest against such avoids the lottery law. On the Net, is the instant karma. A player has to pay 11 rupees for a ticket, select a digit and 15 minutes, the draw results will be displayed. If the sample selected number on the screen, the player receives 100 rupees. Generally there are three ticket prices – R 11, R 22 and R 110 for each digit of which has to be chosen and the winning number gets R 100, R 200 and Rs 1,000 respectively. Do not wait a week or even days for the results, let alone scanning newspapers. But more than that, it is most close to gambling as a lottery has, with the remaining players glued to their plastic chairs in one of the stalls Krantinagar procurement and maintenance Rs 11 every 15 minutes until it receives a very happy – or not, as in many cases. The most popular plans are Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and the governments of Maharashtra, as Lotteries can only be implemented by state governments, but have been licensed to private actors who operate the lottery under different names. Inside the small place – no name, but carries the legend, Rajshree Lottery – there are about 15 people, all men, some of them regulars, and the crowd continues to grow. "This is something safe and legal. There is a very high chance of winning. We have seen that if a player plays four times, usually wins, "says Nitish Shirodkar, who runs the place." We get Rs 20,000 businesses every day, "he says." But we are small. A stand near the station business lakhs every day. "Among the crowd Munish, a former player Matka. Matka is the local name of gambling which is basically the same game – numbered slips would be on Matka (Clay pot) and a drawing of lots will determine the winners, with winners receiving a stipulated sum. But Munish Matka not play anymore because the stakes is the same there, but everything is hush hush because it is illegal, while here "everything is above board." Another man with bright eyes and breathe a strong smell of liquor, marks the triumph of a playmate, an owner of a trade in the area, the day before. "The wine had lost Rs 700 yesterday, but yesterday won 4,000 rupees. He had closed the store because he had no money, but from here he went straight to the market to buy shares in your store. "Rajshree Lottery – One of many such lotteries – is a licensee of the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. That Net-based lottery, which claims to be the game for legitimate players is supported by Osman Fayaz, CEO Martin Group, one of the largest lottery companies and the head of the Indian Federation of Lottery and Allied. "The lottery-based network began to negotiate the illegal satta, "Fayaz said. It has been successful to some degree as he says, because business is a Rs 6-crore turnover by day now, but has a long way to go before it can catch up with satta, which has a turnover of Rs 10,000 crore per day. "But money of satta goes into the pockets of individuals, state governments use the money from the lottery-based network to improve the infrastructure, "he says. This form of lottery also has taken care to ignore the law, says Ahmad Abdi, head of Consumer Action Network. Lotteries Regulation Act 1998 provides that no lottery can be drained more than once a week and draw that can not rely on one-digit figure and Net-based lottery is guilty of both. But companies lottery say they have not violated the law. They say that every unit that is being developed has a different name – whether or Rajshree Shubhalakshmi (Sikkim government) and Dhanalakshmi (government of Maharashtra) or Goldwin, there are different patterns in each of these names that are operational. So every 15 minutes, can be a Rajshree, but may be 100 of those systems that are being played in one day at a terminal. The player has the impression that he is bidding for a lottery. It's the same with the stipulation single digits. While a player is asked to choose a two-digit number by prefixing a number to the number of 0-9, the results depend on the amount the player chosen and not any two-digit number. An 11-rupee ticket sold is appropriate for 10 numbers – 0-9 – to be headed by the number of option and only player that matters.


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